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Kids' Corner!


First Lego League (FLL) incorporates some of the thrill of FIRST into a smaller robot.  FLL uses Mindstorms, which are little robots smaller than a coffee pot. Simple programing of the robot allows students from grades 4 to 8 to be involved. Obstacles on each year’s course add an exciting challenge. Also, don’t forget the valuable math and science skills applied on the robot. Each season of FLL ends in a fast-paced competition between other nearby teams.


Have a kindergartener or any child up to Grade 3? No problem. FIRST has got them covered with FLL Jr. FLL Jr. is a kid-friendly robot program like regular FLL. However, as a bonus, your little FIRST member or members will learn about presentation skills and practice them.  They will develop science, math, and team skills. They’ll probably forget they’re learning with the fun that they will have!


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